True Focus ion sources

TrueFocus ion source

Fischione Instrument's history of innovation continues with the introduction of the next generation of ion source technology. Our patented TrueFocus ion sources are now optimized to perform at 100% ionization efficiency – the result is a highly efficient ion source that maintains a consistent beam current. This technology is built in to the Model 1051 TEM MillModel 1061 SEM Mill and Model 1062 TrionMill.

TrueFocus ion sources maintain a small ion beam diameter, even at a low accelerating voltage, which means that the ions are directed only to the specimen and that sputtered material is not redeposited from the specimen holder or chamber onto the specimen. 

Accelerating voltages are programmable and can be continuously varied from as high as 10 keV for rapid milling to as low as 100 eV for final specimen polishing. The ion sources are physically small and require minimal gas, but deliver a wide range of ion beam energies. You can direct controlled-diameter ion beams to either one or both specimen surfaces.

When operated in the upper energy range, milling is rapid, even at low angles. When operated at low energy, material is gradually sputtered from the specimen without inducing artifacts.

TrueFocus ion sources are easily accessible for routine maintenance.