Providing problem-solving tools

Industrial applications for electron microscopy are certainly varied. At the surface, it is not immediately clear what common goals pharmaceuticals and transportation share — or chemicals and environmental concerns, for that matter.

But these diverse applications share a fundamental goal: problem solving. So whether you are trying to refine the precision of a time-release capsule, to study metal fatigue in airplane components, to develop more durable polymers, or to identify the source of soil contamination, electron microscopy plays a vital role.

Fischione offers numerous products that support electron microscopy for industrial applications.

Product Listing

PicoMill® TEM specimen preparation system
TEM Mill
SEM Mill
For use with the Model 1061 SEM Mill and Model 1062 TrionMill
Turbo Pumping Station
Vacuum Transfer Tomography Holder
Automatic Twin-Jet Electropolisher
Specimen Punch
Specimen Grinder
Ultrasonic Disk Cutter
XTEM Prep Kit
Dimpling Grinder
Plasma Cleaner
NanoMill® TEM specimen preparation system
Analytical Tomography Holder
Compact Analytical Tomography Holder
Compact Advanced Tomography Holder
Advanced Tomography Holder
Ultra-Narrow Gap Tomography Holder
Dual-Axis Tomography Holder
Motorized Dual-Axis Tomography Holder
On-Axis Rotation Tomography Holder
Annular Dark Field (ADF) Detector
Vacuum Storage Container
Vacuum Pumping Station