Model 2050

On-Axis Rotation Tomography Holder
  • Accepts either rod-shaped or conically-shaped specimens
  • Ideal for specimens prepared by focused ion beam
  • Ideal for atom probe tomography and field ion microscopy specimens
  • Allows 360º image acquisition and tomographic reconstruction without the loss of information due to the missing wedge

Highly innovative holder for rod or cone specimens

The On-Axis Rotation Tomography Holder accepts either rod-shaped or conically-shaped specimens and rotates them fully through 360º about the axis of the holder.

On-axis rotation tomography yields results without the loss of any information, thus providing the maximum achievable amount of data from the specimen.


The On-Axis Rotation Tomography Holder features a cylindrical specimen cartridge into which a sample post is inserted. Sample posts are available in a diameter of either 1.8 mm to accept common APFIM specimen mounts or 1 mm to accept FIB-prepared specimens.

The sample post containing the specimen is clamped into the specimen cartridge which precisely fits within the body of the holder.  Longitudinal movement of the specimen cartridge is manually activated in order to retract the loaded cartridge into the body of the holder to protect the specimen during holder insertion into and removal from the TEM goniometer.

Initially, the specimen can be fully rotated through 360º to select the proper specimen orientation.  A 3-position, precision indexing mechanism then provides the means to orient the specimen in 120º increments. At each increment, the microscope’s goniometer is tilted to +60º to acquire a tomographic tilt series.