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Before contacting Fischione Service to discuss an instrument issue, please gather the following information so that we can respond in an accurate and timely manner:

  • Instrument model number and serial number
  • Description of the issue
  • Instrument software version (if applicable)
  • Description of what steps you have already taken to solve the issue
  • Any related instrument service history

Contact Fischione Service at or +1 724.325.5444.

About Fischione Service

Fischione Service differentiates itself by delivering exceptional customer service.
We offer:

  • Accountability – we take full project ownership and achieve results
  • Attention to detail
  • Professional communications
  • Receptive listening
  • Effective teamwork

Fischione Service offerings

Type of Service               Model 1010 Model 1040 Models 1050/1060 Models 1020/1070 Holders
Onsite installation and operations training *      
Onsite refresher operations and/or applications training * ✔     
@Fischione operations training *  
@Fischione applications training *    
Service contracts       
Onsite preventive maintenance and repair   ✔   
@Fischione preventive maintenance, upgrades, evaluation, and repair    ✔
Replacement product, parts, and supplies ‡∞  ✔  ✔  ✔

* Operations training is available for 4-, 8-, and 16-hour sessions. Applications training is available for 8- and 16-hour sessions. @Fischione Training will be designed to meet your needs and takes place in our labs in Export, Pennsylvania, USA. Contact for a quotation.

 Onsite installation and operations training is included with the purchase of the Model 1040 NanoMill® TEM specimen preparation system.

Two service contract levels, Premier and Preferred, are available for the Model 1040 NanoMill system, the Model 1050 TEM Mill, and the Model 1060 SEM Mill. See Service contracts for benefit details. Request a service contract quotation via

For replacement products, parts, and supplies, contact

Replacement product for the Model 1010 Ion Mill is not available; replacement parts for the Model 1010 Ion Mill will be supplied, if available.

Download Fischione Service Offerings data sheet

Why choose Fischione Service?

  • Technical expertise: Fischione Instruments has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing sample preparation products for the electron microscopy community since 1966.
  • Factory-certified parts: Because the majority of our parts are designed, manufactured, and assembled into products in our Export, Pennsylvania factory, replacement parts from our factory are provided, excluding vacuum pumps.
  • State of the art: Fischione uses state-of-the-art technology in its applications, engineering, manufacturing, and customer relationship management activities.

Our service personnel

Fischione Service personnel have:

  • Nanotechnology product knowledge
  • Complex technical troubleshooting skills (such as knowledge of vacuum systems and electronics)
  • Specialized training (associates or bachelor’s degrees in electronics, electromechanics, or related disciplines)

Before our service engineers venture into the field, they work in product assembly where they gain in-depth knowledge of the Fischione product line. By the time our service engineers reach field status, they are well equipped to troubleshoot and correct any product challenges.

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