Fischione takes on SEMICON West

July 16, 2015

Fischione wrapped up its inaugural appearance at SEMICON West today. Its appearance at the "marketplace for microelectronics innovations" is a part of Fischione's aggressive move into the semiconductor market. At this flagship event, Fischione highlighted its semiconductor product line:

Model 1060 SEM Mill. Offers microelectronic device delayering.

Model 1063 WaferMill™ ion beam delayering solution. Provides top-down delayering and selected-area milling on full 300 mm wafers.

Model 1080 PicoMill® TEM specimen preparation system. Enhances specimen preparation throughput by moving final thinning of FIB-prepared specimens offline; advanced detector technology provides in situ imaging with ions and electrons, as well as precise endpoint detection.

Model 2560 Vacuum Transfer Tomography Holder. Allows the transfer of specimens under vacuum or in the presence of inert gas; ideal for sensitive specimens that can be altered by environmental conditions.


International Sales Manager Dan Sacunas, Semiconductor Product Manager Kristin Olexa, and Applications Scientist Mina Abadier at SEMICON West 2015.