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Model 1080

PicoMill® TEM specimen preparation system

Combines an ultra-low energy, inert gas ion source and a scanning electron column with multiple detectors to yield optimal TEM specimens.

PicoMill® TEM specimen preparation system

Focused ion beam (FIB) milling is a widely used technique for today’s cutting-edge materials that provides a means to prepare transmission electron microscopy (TEM) specimens. The challenge in working with these advanced materials is to create specimens that are electron transparent and are free from artifacts. 

The FIB is highly effective in preparing TEM specimens, but the use of a high-energy, liquid metal ion source can often result in specimen amorphization, gallium implantation, or both. 

The PicoMill system is the ideal complement to FIB technology; it adds the increased capability of producing optimal specimen quality while enhancing the overall specimen preparation throughput by moving final thinning offline.

  • Achieve ultimate specimen quality – free from amorphous and implanted layers
  • Complements FIB technology
  • Milling without introduction of artifacts
  • Advanced detector technology
  • In situ imaging with ions and electrons
  • Microscope connectivity for risk-free specimen handling
  • Adds capability and capacity
  • Fast, reliable, and easy to use

TEM specimen configuration: Model 1080 PicoMill® TEM specimen preparation system

A guide for preparing TEM specimens for a demonstration of the PicoMill system.

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