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Model 1062


Large scale milling of planar and cross-section samples; creates the largest and most uniform flat area achievable by ion milling. Provides the ultimate workflow for environmentally sensitive materials.


A fully automated tabletop argon ion mill that features highly flexible milling parameter adjustment. The instrument offers large-scale milling of planar and cross-section samples.

Samples of up to 50 mm diameter are effectively processed with three ion sources, which creates the largest and most uniform flat area achievable by ion milling. Allows the direct transfer of environmentally sensitive materials to a SEM or FIB.

  • Three independently adjustable TrueFocus ion sources
  • Planar sample sizes up to 50 mm diameter by 25 mm height
  • High-energy operation for rapid milling; low-energy operation for sample polishing
  • Controllable beam diameter over a wide range of operating energies (100 eV to 10 keV)
  • Faraday cups for quantifying ion beam performance
  • Low ion source maintenance
  • Automatic height detection establishes the milling plane, which yields repeatable results
  • Adjustable milling angle range of 0 to +10°
  • Sample viewing and image acquisition during milling (optional)
  • 525X or 1,960X high-magnification microscope (optional)
  • Automatic termination by time or temperature
  • Liquid nitrogen-cooled sample stage (optional)
  • Transfer capsule protects sample at vacuum, in inert gas (argon), or in a cryogenic environment for sensitive samples (optional)
  • Adjustable 254 mm [10 in.] touch screen with a user-friendly interface for the simple setup of milling parameters

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