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Model 1040

NanoMill® TEM specimen preparation system

The NanoMill system’s revolutionary ultra-low energy, inert gas, concentrated ion beam produces specimens free from amorphous and implanted layers. Ideal for polishing FIB-milled specimens for transmission electron microscopy imaging and analysis.
NanoMill® TEM specimen preparation system

For many of today’s advanced materials, transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is the best technique for gathering valuable information about microstructure and properties. Because features in nanotechnology research and semiconductor device specimens continue to decrease in size, it is essential that specimens be very thin and free of preparation-induced artifacts. These requirements are even more important when using TEMs with aberration correction and monochromated electron sources where resolution is sub-Ångström. 

The NanoMill system uses an ultra-low energy, concentrated ion beam to produce the highest quality specimens for transmission electron microscopy.

  • Ultra-low-energy, inert-gas ion source

  • Concentrated ion beam with scanning capabilities

  • Removes damaged layers without redeposition

  • Ideal for post-focused ion beam processing

  • Enhances the results from conventionally prepared specimens

  • Room temperature to cryogenically cooled NanoMillingSM process

  • Rapid specimen exchange for high-throughput applications

  • Computer-controlled, fully programmable, and easy to use

  • Contamination-free, dry vacuum system 

Removal of amorphous layer from nanoneedle specimens fabricated by focused ion beam

The nanoneedle sample configuration allows the use of multiple characterization techniques with a single sample. These techniques include nanoscale mechanical and electrical tests, transmission electron microscopy, and atom probe/field ion microscopy. Residual amorphization and ion implantation must be minimized.

TEM specimen configuration: Model 1040 NanoMill® TEM specimen preparation system

A guide for preparing specimens for a demonstration of the NanoMill system.

The role of TEM specimen preparation in understanding aluminum alloy precipitation hardening mechanism

Precipitation hardening is a process for improving the mechanical properties of aluminum alloys. Targeting a region of interest using the NanoMill system resulted in TEM specimens of high-quality and thickness that were suitable for high resolution TEM and aberration-corrected STEM imaging and analysis.

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