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Product warranty

Period of warranty

The warranty period is one year*§ from the date of Fischione Instruments' shipment.

Details of the warranty

The instrument will be repaired free of charge if it malfunctions due to a defect in design or manufacture within the warranty period.

  • If a defective component of a product is repaired or replaced, either under warranty or as a paid repair, the warranty period of the product, if still under warranty, is not extended. The repair or replaced component is warranted for 90 days from the date of shipment (or for the time period that is in compliance with local laws and regulations).

  • A substitute part may be used for repair, or replacement with an equivalent product.

  • Such system components as an industrial computer, monitor, and keyboard, which are frequently modified for improvement by the original equipment manufacturer, may not be available in original versions at the time of replacement.

  • Normal maintenance procedures described in the product user manual must be performed.

Exclusions from warranty

The warranty will not be valid for the following failures and/or cases even during the warranty period.

  • Failure due to use under improper conditions.
  • Failure due to power supply voltage/frequency other than specified by Fischione Instruments or due to power failure.
  • Corrosion or deterioration of the tubing (vacuum or gas) due to impurities contained in gas supplied by the customer.
  • Corrosion of electric circuits or deterioration of ion source elements due to corrosive gases or dust contained in the atmosphere.
  • Failure due to disassembly, modification, parts replacement, or relocation not approved by Fischione Instruments.
  • Consumables and parts having a limited period of guarantee.
  • Failure attributable to use of parts not supplied by Fischione Instruments (parts not described in the instruction manual).
  • Failure due to an event of force majeure, including fire, earthquake, storm, flood, lightning, social disturbance, riot, crime, insurrection, war (declared or undeclared), radioactive pollution, contamination with harmful substance, etc.
  • Failure of instrument or damage of basic software, application software, or other data due to a computer virus.
  • Failure of the PC used with the instrument or damage to basic software, application software and/or data because of momentary voltage fluctuation caused by lightning or power interruption.
  • Failure of the PC used with the instrument or damage to basic software, application software and/or data caused by turning off the PC main power without taking the normal termination procedure.
  • Failure due to customer-installed software that was not approved by Fischione Instruments.

Limitation on warranty

Fischione Instruments makes no guarantees, either expressed or implied, except as provided herein, including without limitation thereof, guarantees as to marketability, merchantability, for a particular purpose or use, or against infringement of any patent. In no event shall Fischione Instruments be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages of any nature, or losses or expenses resulting from any defective product or the use of any product. No oral or written information or advice given by Fischione Instruments, its dealers, distributors, agents or employees shall create a guarantee or in any way increase the scope of this guarantee.

Service after warranty period

Contact Fischione Instruments regarding service contract information for service after the warranty period.

E.A. Fischione Instruments, Inc.
9003 Corporate Circle
Export, PA 15632 USA
+1 724-325-5444

* The Model 1020 Plasma Cleaner has a two-year warranty.
§ For Model 3000 High Angle Annular Dark Field Detector warranty terms, see the instruction manual.