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Model 180

XTEM Prep Kit

Includes all the components required to produce high quality cross-section specimens for transmission electron microscopy. Widely used cross-section specimens include semiconductor devices (which often have multiple layers and, thus, multiple interfaces), specimens with thin film layers, and composite materials.

XTEM Prep Kit

For the study of interfaces by transmission electron microscopy, it is critical to align the interface of interest parallel to the incident electron beam. One method for preparing such samples is to fabricate cross-section specimens.

  • Stacks and holds cross-section specimens
  • Aligns areas and interface of interest
  • Produces consistent glue layer thickness
  • Resulting stacks are readily cut by the Model 170 Ultrasonic Disk Cutter
  • Fabricate self-supported 3 mm diameter disk specimens

Silicon cross-section specimen preparation for transmission electron microscopy

Proper preparation of specimens improves the quality of the resulting transmission electron microscope images.

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