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Model 2021

Analytical Tomography Holder

A revolutionary holder that allows room temperature data collection of elemental composition and structural information over wide tilt and translation ranges, even in restrictive pole-piece-gap geometries. Optimized for energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy.
Analytical Tomography Holder

The Analytical Tomography Holder for TEM is optimized for energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS). The holder tip and clamps are manufactured from beryllium, which has a low atomic number and thereby reduces X-ray production by the holder. While the holder is optimized for EDS, it is also ideal for any application that requires high specimen tilt angles.

The Analytical Tomography Holder enables the imaging of specimens at extremely high tilt angles – up to ±80°.

The clamping mechanism accepts specimen grids, standard 3 mm diameter TEM specimens, or focused ion beam lamella. Items included are a specimen holder stand, a Vacuum Storage Container, a clamp tightening tool, and a spare parts kit (clamps, clamp springs, washers, and screws).

The holder:

  • Has a streamlined specimen clamping mechanism eliminates the shadowing associated with most holders at high-tilt angles

  • Has a retractable clamp that evenly distributes force on opposing edges of the specimen and makes it easy to pre-align or rotate the specimen manually for a dual-axis tilt series

  • Accommodates specimen thicknesses up to 250 μm

  • Has a tapered, self-centering specimen receptacle guides the specimen into position

  • Is compatible with the TEM’s touch alarm, which stops goniometer movement in the event that a pole touch occurs

Available for Thermo Fisher Scientific microscopes.

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