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Model 2552

Cryo Cartridge Specimen Holder

A single-tilt holder for cryo transfer and screening of thin-film frozen-hydrated/vitrified specimens contained in cartridges used in the latest generation of transmission electron microscopes with auto-loading systems.

Cryo Cartridge Specimen Holder

Understanding specimen quality is a critical aspect of cryo-EM. Due to inconsistencies in sample preparation methods, specimens can often be crystalline, which prevents meaningful data collection.

In advanced TEMs, multiple specimens are loaded and then individually imaged and analyzed, often in an unattended mode. When the quality of the specimen is less than ideal, valuable time is wasted generating meaningless data.

The Model 2552 Cryo Cartridge Specimen Holder is an advanced single-tilt holder that enables the use of a standard TEM to assess specimen quality. Specimens of sufficient quality can then be loaded into an advanced TEM for data collection.

A key characteristic of the Cryo Cartridge Specimen Holder is that it maintains cryogenic temperatures during “reverse transfer.” That is, after the specimen has been imaged in the TEM, the specimen is maintained at cryo temperature during the return to the cryo workstation for subsequent loading into the specimen grid cartridge.

The holder includes: a Model 9010 Vacuum Storage Container, an anti-boiling tool, a specimen loading tool, and Viton tubing. The cryo workstation and the temperature controller are purchased separately. For evacuating the holder during zeolite regeneration, Fischione Instruments recommends the Model 9030 Turbo Pumping Station.

Prior to freezing thin films, TEM carbon support grids should be cleaned to remove hydrocarbons and to make the grids’ surface hydrophilic. Fischione Instruments recommends that you clean the support grids with the Model 1020 Plasma Cleaner or Model 1070 NanoClean.

The Model 2552 Cryo Cartridge Specimen Holder is available for JEOL microscopes and JOEL microscopes with SpecPorter devices.

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