Model 1020

Plasma Cleaner
  • Simultaneously cleans transmission and scanning electron microscope specimens and specimen holders
  • Enhances imaging and analytical results
  • Removes existing carbonaceous contamination
  • Prevents contamination
  • No etching or sputtering
  • Storage in clean vacuum

Simultaneously cleans electron microscopy specimens and holders

TellMeMoreThe Plasma Cleaner automatically and quickly removes organic contamination (hydrocarbon) from electron microscopy specimens and specimen holders. A low energy, reactive gas plasma cleans without changing the specimen’s elemental composition or structural characteristics. The Plasma Cleaner features easy-to-use front panel controls and an oil-free vacuum system for optimal processing.

Enhanced imaging and analysis

Cleaning is solely by reactive gas compounds formed by the plasma chemically reacting with carbonaceous material on the specimen and specimen holder. The nonequilibrium, high-frequency plasma is generated with a gas mixture of 25% oxygen and 75% argon. Free electrons are accelerated to high velocities by an oscillating electromagnetic field (13.56 MHz) that excites gas atoms and creates the plasma. The plasma ions impinge upon the surface with energies of less than 12 eV, which is below the specimen’s sputtering threshold.

In electron microscopes with high brightness electron sources, specimens that are not plasma treated tend to contaminate. The Plasma Cleaner ensures confidence that carbonaceous contamination will not interfere with imaging or analysis, even during fine probe microanalysis for extended periods.

Standard and specialized specimen holders

The Plasma Cleaner readily accepts side-entry specimen holders for all commercial transmission electron microscopes, as well as scanning electron microscope samples and a wide variety of bulk materials. A specialized specimen holder port allows the cleaning of specimens contained on carbon grids.


Model 9010 Vacuum Storage Container. After cleaning, specimen holders can be inserted into Vacuum Storage Containers so that they can be stored or transported in a vacuum.

Model 9020 Vacuum Pumping Station. Simultaneously stores five specimen holders under vacuum.