Preventive maintenance program

For ion beam preparation products and plasma cleaners

Protect your investment and your budget with Fischione Service’s preventive maintenance program. Fischione offers annual preventive maintenance services for ion beam preparation and plasma cleaning products. A preventive maintenance program reduces the risk of unexpected repair costs and instrument downtime.

Annual preventive maintenance performed on site or at Fischione.

Preventive maintenance task

Model 1040
TEM specimen 
Model 1051
TEM Mill

Model 1061
SEM Mill

Model 1020
Plasma Cleaner

Model 1070

Evaluate instrument and instrument operation
Complete leak test (helium leak test available only at the Fischione factory)
Test mass flow controller
(test available only at the Fischione factory)
Clean/replace ion sources  
Replace vacuum gauge    
Install warranty design upgrades, if needed
Replace ion source and ion source feed-through/bearing O‑rings    
Clean/replace stage and Z‑axis* items, e.g., window, O‑rings (Z‑axis maintenance available only at the Fischione factory)    
Replace Faraday cup O‑ring; check laser and detector    
Replace load lock O‑rings  
Lubricate and check alignment of sample loading rod    
Check ion source drive assemblies    
Check motor drive gear lock screws    
Complete any needed repairs (additional scope will be quoted, replacement pumps not included)
Check vacuum operation; purge
Recalibrate and align ion beams  
Replace remaining O‑rings    
Advise user to exchange diaphragms on rough pump or arrange for service on turbomolecular drag pump when required (user must arrange directly with pump supplier)    
Clean air filters
Complete final operational checks
Recommend next preventive maintenance date

Fischione Instruments offers:

  • Technical expertise. Fischione has designed, manufactured, and serviced sample preparation instrumentation for nearly 50 years.

  • Trained field service engineers. Our team has experience in our production operations, as well as service roles, and is well-equipped to troubleshoot any product challenges.

  • Factory-certified parts. Fischione designs and manufactures approximately 90% of its product parts. With the exception of vacuum pumps, all instrument parts are Fischione factory certified.

  • State-of-the-art facilities. Fischione uses state-of-the-art technology in its applications, engineering, manufacturing, and customer relationship management activities.

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* Model 1051 TEM Mill only.
 Model 1061 SEM Mill only.
Refer to the product instruction manual for specific maintenance and service information.